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Introducing Primer wax
Applying a protective layer on metal is the best way to prevent corrosion. Using primers on metal isolate the metal from its surroundings, and protects the structures by mummifying metal, a process which is not achievable by using other anti-corrosions products due to their weak achievement. Which have a temporary effect on the surface and causes decomposition owing to chemical and physical reactions. Powerful permeating materials have been used in the formula of Primer Wax which help the Primer Wax to penetrate through corroded surfaces and microscopic pores and reach the main surface of the metal and mummify it.

‘Indi’ Primer Wax
Herba, the Chemical and Researching Group, started work in 1991, with the intention to research the effects of corrosion within national industries. This team, through its constant research has been able to formulate a unique Primer which is commercially known as `Indi`. After being certified by a variety of organizations, Indi Primer Wax has managed to prove its superiority over its foreign rivals produced by industrialized countries over the past few decades. Indi Primer wax with its superiority and also low prices compared with other foreign products is now available to utilize within diverse industries and constructions. Herba Chemical and Researching Group is the only manufacturer of Indi Primer Wax in the Middle East and exports its products internationally.