About us

Established in 1991, with the slogan of “Herba, an Idea for Tomorrow”, Herba Research and Production Group has started its research on metal and concrete corrosion, and benefitting from the latest scientific advancements in the field of isolation it has produced different products including epoxy, alkyd oil, acrylic and plastic paints, tube ink paints and glue, being the only manufacturer of Moomprimer in Iran and introducing a proper alternative for the similar foreign products.

Herba Moomprimer, commercially branded as Indi, are the only products in Iran, produced based on mineral and modified polymer in a mass production reactor in 40-ton volumes.

about Herba

Specially formulated, Herba Moomprimer has the properties of wax and works as a mummifier and coating for concrete and metal structures, protecting them from all corroding agents like humidity and moisture, acids, alkali, chloride ion, sulfate, etc. Among the features of Moomprimer, it is good to mention the fact that they omit the need for sandblasting which is a costly process, the possibility of performing welding operations, tolerating tension, bending and re-bending, and incorruptibility.

Herba Products have received the following licenses:

✔ Ministry of Petroleum (Iran) Vendor
✔ The Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
✔ Research Institute of National Iranian Petroleum Industry Oil Company
✔ National Iranian Gas Company
✔ Iranian Ministry of Roads and Urban Development Laboratory
✔ Tehran College of Electrochemistry
✔ Amir Kabir University of Technology
✔ Razi Metallurgical Research Center
✔ Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center
✔ Ministry of Defense
Herbaco PY95 Moomprimer Production

This company is mainly focused on manufacturing metal and concrete anti-corrosion products, moisture-insulation and isolation. Providing technical and engineering consultation for contractors, designers and engineering companies in order to help them choose the most suitable material and product for their projects are among the services which are provided by this company.

Some of the products and services provided by Herba Research and Production Group are:

  • Anti-corrosion coating for metal structures with Moomprimer
  • Anti-corrosion coating for metal rebars and armatures with Moomprimer
  • Isolation and moisture insulation of shotcretes and subway shaft with Moomprimer
  • Isolation and moisture insulation of foundation, shear wall and retaining wall with Moomprimer
  • Isolation and moisture insulation of bridge deck and foundation in concrete bridges with Moomprimer
  • Isolation and moisture insulation of facades with TWI Insulating Paint
  • Isolation and moisture insulation of roof with Insulating Roof Coating
  • And so on...

Herba Research and Production Group has a rich resume which is a witness to its extensive and continual cooperation in the fields of providing materials and specialized services with civil engineers and industrial entrepreneurs in the country in important projects including oil industry, petrochemistry, refinery, power plant, metal industry, construction and housing, subway, bridge building, water and wastewater, electricity transmission pipelines and metal power towers projects.

CEO, management and other members of Herba Research and Production Group are committed to take positive and influential steps in order to improve the quality of Herba products, ensure customer satisfaction and develop the company constantly and systematically.