Acrylic Paint


Indi Acrylic Paint is an acrylic emulsion copolymer and Methyl acrylate and is among the water based white and varicolored paints, produced in line with up-to-date European technology. Indi Acrylic Paint is inflammable, fully hygiene, harmless to humans and the environment due to the fact that it is water-based. This coating paint is a proper alternative for plastic, oil, epoxy and kenitex paints.


Decorative coating for plaster, cast, brick, clay, concrete, cement and wooden surfaces


Internal walls & wooden

TWI Insulating Paint


  • Proper penetration and adhesion
  • Quick drying, washable and dust repellant
  • Fast, easy and uniform application, easy repair
  • No unpleasant odor and environmentally friendly
  • Proper coverage and economic
  • Proper alternative for plastic, oil and kenitex paints

Technical Features

  • Base: Water
  • Finish: Mate / Semi-gloss
  • Color: White / varicolored
  • Resin Type: Acrylic
  • Number of Components: Single Component
  • Density: 1/3 ±0.2 g/cm3
  • Surface Drying Time: Minimum 30 minutes (25℃)
  • Full Drying Time: Minimum 24 hours (25℃)
  • Time Required to Achieve Water Resistance: Minimum 72 hours (25℃)
  • Coverage Surface per Kilogram: 8-10 Square Meter, Depending on Thickness Level

Implementation Method

  ✔ Substructure

1. Clear the desired surface from soil, grease or humidity
2. Clear the desired surface from loose layers
3. Repair deep surface cracks, seams and joints with special wall putty

  ✔ Implementation in Two Layers

Preliminary layer: A layer of Acrylic Primer is firstly applied on the surface to achieve high performance quality.
First Layer (Penetrating Layer): Dilute the acrylic paint with water with the ratio of 20%, and apply on the whole surface.
Second Layer (Coating Layer): Twelve hours after the first penetrating layer, the acrylic paint should be diluted with water with the ratio of 20%, and apply on the whole surface.
Protect the area from rain or freezing cold before the acrylic paint is fully dried.

Note: Contact our technical unit for information on proper implementation methods under different project conditions.

Application of Acrylic Paint

Download Acrylic Paint Technical Data Sheet in PDF Format

Download Acrylic Paint Technical Data Sheet

Implementation Tools

✔ Paint Brush, Roller, Pistole Spray
Paint Brush Roller Pistole Spray


  • 10 kg Bucket